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Health is wealth. You are wealthy when your health permits you to enjoy all of your desired pursuits. So happiness begins with loving yourself, every beautiful inch, no matter what anyone else thinks. 

Begin this month with a Bloom, and celebrate your journey of self-love and wellness. Glow under the moon every other night by pampering yourself with a nourishing bowl of premium bird’s nest Bloom. 

Enjoy both series of our Blooms, or share the Blooms with your loved ones, and be embraced by the wholesome goodness of our premium bird's nest Blooms. 

The ultimate self-love set, our specially curated Boxful of 6 Blooms comprises both Classic Blooms (4 Blooms) and Premium Blooms (2 Blooms). 

 Our classic blooms are based around Chinese almond milk which has been made the traditional way, from pure whole southern almonds; whilst our Premium blooms consist of premium bird's nest and a hint of pure rock sugar.

Soothing and calming to drink, our blooms are a natural health and beauty booster, and a symbol of self-love. 

Our Boxful of Blooms is crafted to offer a little something to everyone in the family: 

Bloom One (Classic Range)  

Signature Rose Almond Bloom (Rose - Love Sweet Love) 

Bloom Two (Classic Range)

Matcha Almond Bloom (Camellia - Come What May)

Bloom Three (Classic Range)

Original Almond Bloom (Chrysanthemum - A Glimpse of Home)

Bloom Four (Classic Range)

Vanilla Bean Bloom (Carnation - Love Like No Other)

Bloom Five  (Premium Range)

 Red Ginseng Bloom (Dahlia – The Strength from Within)

Bloom Six (Premium Range)

Pandan Heritage Bloom (Orchid - Our Heritage, Our Today, and Our Future)

The Boxful of Blooms consists of:

  • NestBloom Rose Almond Bloom x 1
  • NestBloom Matcha Almond Bloom x 1
  • NestBloom Original Almond Bloom x 1
  • NestBloom Vanilla Bean Bloom x 1 
  • NestBloom Pandan Heritage Bloom x 1 
  • NestBloom Red Ginseng Bloom x 1 
  • Signature Blush Pink Upcyclable Gift Box of 6 x 1 


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Step 1

Add Hot Water

90°C is the temperature we’ve discovered that will give you the perfect consistency.

Step 2

Stir Well

Once the Bloom dissolves, stir gently.

Step 3

Pause for 5 mins

5 minutes: perfect to get the best flavour out and take in a deep breath to just relax.

Step 4


After 5 minutes, your NestBloom is ready to be consumed.

Each Bloom Tells A Story

Premium Ingredients

Each Bloom is perfection, through the incorporation of the best cooking methods, recipes and the finest harvests from all over the world to develop each delectable Bloom.

From bringing all the ingredients together to carving the breathtaking form of every flower, it takes over 48 hours to create a single Bloom.