IWD 2024 - Power Trio Bloom Box

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IWD 2024 - Power Trio Bloom Box


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Nesting Instincts

Caviar of the East

Sometimes Known as the “Caviar of the East” or "White Gold", bird’s nests are carefully harvested from South-East Asian swallows. To this day, bird's nests are a favoured tonic and dietary supplement for women, children and the elderly in Asia.

We use premium grade bird’s nest to create our Blooms and our bird’s nest is ethically sourced from Kalimantan, Indonesia.

Best dessert for Health and Beauty

All Natural – Just Like Nature

Studies have shown that Bird's Nest is rich in epidermal growth factor (EGF) and collagen. These aid in skin repair, helps the skin maintain its elasticity, and delays the appearance of wrinkles.

In more recent times, there are more studies discussing sialic acid as the key nutrition in bird’s nests. There is much research that suggests that sialic acid is responsible for improving cognitive development, improving gut and respiratory health, and reducing inflammation.

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