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Bloom with Camellia - Exclusive Promotion

Bloom with Camellia - Exclusive Promotion

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Exclusive Online Promotion - Only 60 Sets Available! 

To celebrate the launch of our new look, In the Mood for Blooms, we are thrilled to offer an exclusive gift set to honour love, devotion and care through the beautiful Camellia bloom. 

This exquisite gift set features the classic almond cream with bird’s nest, paired with exquisite Uji matcha from Kyoto, adding the earthy taste of tea. The complex flavour of this potent Japanese green tea high in polyphenols adds a distinctive taste to the healing tonic. The Camellia Matcha bloom is perfect for kick-starting the day or a perk-me-up at any time.

The Camellia matcha bloom is paired with our Nourish and Recovery Bloom, from our Women’s Wellness Series. 

Designed specifically for women aged 25 to 45, this exquisite supplement is a game-changer for optimal nutrition, lactation support, and overall well-being.

Experience the power of carefully selected ingredients like Fish Maw, renowned for its regenerative benefits, and allow its high-grade collagen to nourish your body from within.

With the perfect blend of Oat Milk, Fennel Seeds, Red Dates, and a touch of Rock Sugar, our Bloom offers protein, fiber, digestive benefits, and essential nutrients wrapped in a gentle touch of natural sweetness.

Restore your energy, support your physical health, and enhance your well-being during lactation, pre-, and post-pregnancy.

Bloom with Camellia Gift Set includes: 

1 Classic Matcha bird’s nest Bloom 

1 Nourish & Recovery Bloom (Fish Maw) 

1 Signature Twin Bloom Gift Set 


Health Benefits: Matcha is abundant in catechins, which is a type of polyphenol. Polyphenols are packed with natural antioxidants that prevent cell damage and aid in reducing of inflammation, improving brain function, boosting metabolism, and preventing of diabetes. 

Beauty-Loving Benefits: Matcha's components cleanse your skin of toxins and protects it against chemicals, impurities and harmful ultraviolet rays. It is also known to promote skin regeneration.

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Step 1

Add Hot Water

90°C is the temperature we’ve discovered that will give you the perfect consistency.

Step 2

Stir Well

Once the Bloom dissolves, stir gently.

Step 3

Pause for 5 mins

5 minutes: perfect to get the best flavour out and take in a deep breath to just relax.

Step 4


After 5 minutes, your NestBloom is ready to be consumed.

Each Bloom Tells A Story

Premium Ingredients

Each Bloom is perfection, through the incorporation of the best cooking methods, recipes and the finest harvests from all over the world to develop each delectable Bloom.

From bringing all the ingredients together to carving the breathtaking form of every flower, it takes over 48 hours to create a single Bloom.