Nesting Insticts

Caviar of the East

Sometimes Known as the “Caviar of the East” or "White Gold", bird’s nests are carefully harvested from South-East Asian swallows.

Since the time of the Tang emperors (618-907 AD), this unusual delicacy has been famed for both its exquisite flavour, as well as its nutritional and healing properties. 

Health Benefits

The high concentration of glycoproteins, epidermal growth factor (EGF), collagen and amino acids make birds nests an ideal, all natural remedy for relieving asthma, boosting the immune system and libido, and improving the complexion and radiance of the skin. 

To this day, bird's nests are a favoured tonic and dietary supplement for women, children and the elderly in Asia.

Simply the Best

At NestBloom, we offer you simply the best bird's nests without confusing you with type, colour or other marketing jargon. Instead, we carefully nurture and harvest the finest and most natural bird's nests that have been abandoned by birds, and which are then cleaned with pure water. 

The result is a beautifully handcrafted product that is plump full with nutritional value and radiant health for you and your loved ones. 

Just the way nature intended.

Quality in Every Nest

We are committed to our promise of bringing you the most natural product. We pick the best bird's nests from each harvest of abandoned nests in Kalimantan, Indonesia.  There is no longer any confusion about grades, colours, shapes and sizes. Easy and accessible – that’s how it should be. The best bird’s nest is that which goes into each Bloom.

You Can Trust Us

With decades of research and hands-on experience, we pride ourselves on delivering only the purest and best bird's nest. Since we control every step – from nurturing the swiftlets and harvesting the nests, to the processing and retail of each bundle of health-giving goodness – we are able to guarantee the authenticity and quality of every bird's nest Bloom we produce. That’s a promise we’ll always keep.

The Earth – Our Friend

We are well aware of our responsibility to the planet. This is why our families of swiftlets are housed in a way that minimally impacts the ecology and environment. What’s more, our commitment to sustainability means we harvest only abandoned nests.

All Natural – Just Like Nature

Every Bloom’s bird's nest is carefully harvested, and then cleaned using only purified water before it is ready for the production of each Bloom. This process preserves the nest’s natural integrity and shape. Because we are committed to delivering nature's best to you, our products are free of any additives or  chemicals.

Unlocking the secrets of bird's nest

how much do you know about the health and beauty benefits of bird’s nest?

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