The 6 beautiful blooming flowers 


A Glimpse of Home

Home is irreplaceable yet ordinary in a million ways. The layers of petals that form the regal chrysanthemum are just like the sights, scents and sounds we carry in our hearts that come together to create a beautiful and warm memory of where we belong. 

Chrysanthemums are also one of the most common flowers in the Chinese heritage and are symbolic of autumn and of the ninth lunar month. The Chinese word for chrysanthemum is similar to jū, which means "to remain" and jiǔ which means "long time." Therefore, chrysanthemums symbolize longevity, and are often gifted to elderly people to symbolize a strong life. 


Love, Sweet Love

A twinkle in the eye, the shy tilt of a head, the full bloom of a rose – love is found in the smallest gestures. Exalted by poets and painters through the ages, the rose is symbolic of one of the most beautiful feelings in life – to love and be loved in return.


A Love Like No Other

The tight carnation bud gives little away about how wide it will eventually bloom – just like how a mother’s love is always amazingly boundless. Even on the most difficult of paths, her love remains unconditional and tender, reaching to light the darkest corners.


Come What May

The camillia brings us back to earth, reminding us of the beauty and strength of friendships that ground our lives. Its dainty petals hold the layers of memories over the years; its evergreen leaves capture a promise of unchanging steadfastness.


Our heritage and our future.

The orchid is known for its resilience, vibrance and hardiness – qualities that have blossomed as the Singapore spirit in the 200 years since Sir Stamford Raffles first landed. It is our heritage, our today, and our future.

In traditional Chinese culture, the orchid represents good taste and beauty. Simple and elegant, its fragrance is never overpowering, symbolizing humility and nobility. The orchid is also associated with love and beauty, and also represents wealth and fortune, making it a popular gift during Lunar New Year. 


The Strength From Within.

The Dahlia has often been known to flourish in harsh environmental conditions. For this has been associated with notions of strength through adversity, and the elegance to bloom despite the odds. Therefore amidst the challenges that the world grapples with today, we dedicate this bloom to everyone, in hope that through these trying times, may we all emerge stronger with the strength and elegance of the Dahlia.