NestBloom Hong Kong

Triple Damask Rose Bloom Box

HK$888.00 HK$968.00

IWD 2023 Collection

Specially curated for the queens in your life, the Triple Damask Rose Bloom Box is the perfect gift to express gratitude to the wonderful women in your midst; be they family, friends, colleagues, or employees.

Featuring 2 Rose Almond and 1 Lychee Rose Almond premium bird's nest blooms, the pink roses are a traditional representation of femininity and elegance. The Rose Bloom is infused with pure rose extract in our hope that its aroma will transport the deserving ladies to their little sanctuary of self-care and mindfulness. 

The Rose Bloom is made using Chinese almond milk, premium bird’s nest, pure rock sugar and natural rose extract. The almond milk has been made the traditional way, from pure whole southern almonds, then combined with premium bird’s nest, pure rock sugar, and a hint of natural rose extract. This antioxidant rich bloom is perfect to wind down with at the end of the day when one needs some pampering.

 Health Benefits: Rose extract is abundant in phenolics which has benefits similar to antioxidants, free-radical scavengers, anti-inflammatory components, antimutagens and antidepressants. 

Beauty-Loving Benefits: Rose oils and extracts are famed for its powerful hydrating effect on the skin. It is also a natural mood enhancer with the ability to relieve depression and stress.

The Triple Damask Rose Bloom Box consists of 

2 x NestBloom Rose Almond Blooms

1 x NestBloom Limited Edition Lychee Rose Almond Bloom


1 x Signature Blush Pink Upcyclable Bloom Box



NestBloom 的綻放故事



第 1 步:加入熱水

90°C 是可以為您提供完美享受的溫度。



第 3 步:放鬆等候 5 分鐘

5 分鐘:適合深呼吸放鬆一下的時候。

第 4 步:請盡情享受燕花

5 分鐘後,您的 NestBloom 即可食用。

100% 天然。無防腐、無添加。

數百年來,燕窩在亞洲社會一直被視為傳統的高端營養美食。 NestBloom 的可食用燕窩花採用來自世界各地的原料製成,100% 純天然和手工製作。全植物性花形設計杏仁燕窩花,適合素食者。