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The Osmanthus Bloom (Premium)


The Osmanthus Bloom (Premium Range) is the first flavour of our 3rd Generation blooms, and is the newest addition to our range of Premium Blooms. 

Our 3rd generation blooms are designed to combine vivid imagination, passion, care, and craftsmanship. They feature 2 colours and flavours within the flower.

The petals contain the main colour and flavour, whilst the central flower region features the second colour and flavour. When hot water is added to the bloom, both the main flavour and second flavour combine elegantly to form the desired taste and visual effect. The 3rd generation bloom allows the addition of edible flowers to the central flower region, which are released into the hearty dessert upon adding hot water.

Sculpted after the daisy which symbolizes innocence, purity and new beginnings, the Osmanthus Bloom consists of premium bird’s nest and pure rock sugar, along with fragrant osmanthus flower (central flower region), and is an epitome of good fortune, prosperity and nobility. 

Health Benefits: Rich in Vitamin B-3, rich in antioxidants, caffeine-free and is a potential appetite suppressant.

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Every Bloom a work of art

What is NestBloom

How to comsume NestBloom

The Ritual

Step 1: Add Hot Water

90°C is the temperature we’ve discovered that will give you the perfect consistency.

Step 2: Stir Well

Once the Bloom dissolves, stir gently.

Step 3: Pause for 5 minutes

5 minutes: perfect to get the best flavour out and take in a deep breath to just relax.

Step 4: Now Indulge

After 5 minutes, your NestBloom is ready to be consumed.

100% Natural. No Preservatives. No Additives.

Incorporating Asian tradition into modern epicurean delicacies, NestBloom is a revolutionary brand specialising in the creation of edible-beauty products featuring Bird’s Nest as its main ingredient.

Each Bloom Tells A Story

Premium Ingredients

Each Bloom is perfection, through the incorporation of the best cooking methods, recipes and the finest harvests from all over the world to develop each delectable Bloom.

From bringing all the ingredients together to carving the breathtaking form of every flower, it takes over 48 hours to create a single Bloom.

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